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World at Work Volunteer Opportunities

World@Work Liaison: IT Coordinator:  1-2 hours/month

·       Responsible for providing monthly chapter rosters to World@Work for their use in validating chapter member discounts
·       Responsible for coordinating with World@Work IT staff to provide promotional material for chapter offered classes and the annual Forum
·       Responsible for coordinating and providing promotional material to other regional chapters who AACA partners with for cross promotional purposes

World@Work Liaison: Certification Class Coordinator:  5-6 hours for each class (4x per year)

·       Serve as backup/assistant to Board Liaison position to handle all logistics required to hold classes
·       Order Food/Beverages, taking into account any participant restrictions
·       Secure / verify classroom space and all necessary equipment
·       Communicate at key times with W@W, class instructor and class participants regarding upcoming class, hotel information, directions, etc.
·       Receive materials from W@W and return in a timely manner
·       Serve as backup/assistant to Board Liaison position to open and close class sessions
·       Serve as backup/assistant to Board Liaison position to perform yearly class scheduling and agreement preparation with World@Work in order to schedule the   following year’s classes
·       Learn all position responsibilities to prepare for the transition into the Board World@Work Liaison position in a subsequent year

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