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The Compensation Analysts performs a series of functions that ensure the company offers competitive compensation levels to attract and retain talent. At its core, the Compensation Analyst administers the company's business unit-specific variable pay programs.  The key focus areas for the role are the evaluation and grading of jobs; maintenance of the company’s compensation structure; administration of company pay programs including commissions, bonus and merit process; as well as compensation analysis and reporting.

Evaluation and Grading of Jobs

·         For new job roles, uses published or conducts ad hoc surveys to obtain and analyze market pay rates. Makes recommendations on appropriate pay grade level and FLSA classification. Prepares reports on findings and handles administrative steps to formalize recommendations.

·         Reviews and recommends salary placements for new hires.

·         As necessary, modifies and creates new descriptions which accurately reflect current roles, responsibilities and requirements. Maintains database of all job descriptions.

·         Reviews employees’ request for classification review and makes classification/pay level determinations. This includes reviewing job questionnaires, conferring with managers and employees, evaluating jobs and preparing written reports on findings. Communicates with stakeholders regarding the result of compensation work.

·         Ensures all aspects of job creation are addressed in a timely manner i.e. creation of position numbers, posting of new and revised descriptions, etc.

·         Researches situations as they arise related to aspects of compensation to provide clarity for resolution in consideration of contract provisions, historical practices, similar situations, etc.

·         Develops and documents procedures to streamline processes and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

·         Provides analytical support and data analysis on projects and human resource metrics.

·         Provides data input to annual salary surveys.

Maintenance of Company’s Compensation Structure

·         Evaluates job leveling internally to ensure that positions are slotted correctly based on internal value.  Also, ensure that employees are compensated consistently based on value of job to the organization and across the organization.

·         Evaluates overall salary structure on an annual basis including number of grades, grades to market, range spread and makes recommendations for improvement where needed.

·         At a minimum, reviews jobs to market annually to ensure positions are at market; if not, makes recommendations on appropriate grade level changes

·         At a minimum, reviews employees’ salaries as compared to mid-point and years of experience.  Recommends adjustments as needed.

·         Reviews compensation relative to geographic areas and as needed recommends changes to ensure compensation is competitive with local market; may also recommend changes to zones or additional zones.

·         Manages projects such as survey participation and analysis and compensation integration for mergers and acquisitions.

·         Works with HRIS to ensure that the system meets compensation needs and is updated to reflect changes to salary structures, bonus programs, etc.

·         Communicates salary and bonus programs in new-hire orientation.

·         Assists HR managers and other managers with compensation-related issues and questions.

Administration of Company Pay Programs

·         Conducts compensation modeling to project expense impact for compensation events such as merit, bonuses and sales incentive plans.

·         Collaborates with the HR team to plan and communicate the annual merit and bonus processes.

·         Performs the merit and bonus calculations and prepares the spreadsheets for loading into payroll system.

·         Calculates, prepares, and communicates monthly sales incentive compensation based on data provided from Finance.  Prepares data for loading into payroll system.

·         Tracks all compensation plans.

·         Prepares and communicates any changes to existing compensation plans.

Compensation Analysis and Reporting

·         Design and prepare ad hoc compensation and budget related reports for management.

·         Analyze departmental voluntary turnovers trends to determine if compensation issues are a factor.

·         Prepares analysis on the cost of turnover.

Formal Education & Certification

·       Bachelor’s degree required

·       Holds Certified Compensation Analyst (CCP) designation

Knowledge & Experience

·         Advanced level Microsoft Office Suite skills required (Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook)

·         Three to five years’ experience as compensation analyst; prior experience working with sales compensation preferred

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