President's Message

Dear AACA Members,

We are so excited about the great beginning we have had to 2019! As members of the Atlanta Area Compensation Association you make our organization great and we were so excited by the turnout of almost 70 people to our February event. Together we will spend the year exploring how to add the most value to our organizations, stay ahead of upcoming trends, and make sure we maximize our opportunities to have a “seat at the table”.

I’d like to introduce you to our 2019 Board members who stepped up and volunteered to keep the AACA running through the year.


Crystal Hodges

VP, Membership

Lisa Burkard

VP, Programs

Erika Moore


R. Wayne Camp


Lisa Kidd

Director, Finance

Mike McCauley

Director, WorldatWork Liaison

Malika Terry

Director, Meetings

Jim Robinson

Director, Website

Shakira Questelles

Director, Marketing & Social Media

Stephanie Friedman

Director, Sponsorship

Gayla Jenkins

Director, Volunteers

Nicole Long

Past President

Diane Tuccito

As part of our goals this year we’d like to expand on our subject areas of knowledge, talking about compensation from a total rewards perspective and focusing on compensation adjacent areas that can make the difference between a success story and going back to the drawing board. We will bring you educational offerings on all areas of compensation including, sales, executive, broad-based, and the backbone of all our work, analytics. Finally, we’d like to further explore “Recognition, Retention, and Rewards” and how our field advances the mission of the organizations we serve.

We would love to hear from you with ideas, see more of our colleagues at meetings as our guests, and offer you the opportunity to volunteer your time to contribute to bettering your organization.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you at meetings and events throughout the year.


Crystal Hodges

President, AACA

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