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These companies sponsor AACA meetings and the Annual Forum.  We are grateful for their support!
6-2021 New Mercer Logo

(Diamond Sponsor)

Mercer provides comprehensive information on compensation and benefits around the globe. Human resource professionals from some of the world’s leading organizations obtain information from Mercer because they provide consistent, accurate, high-quality data covering the full reward package.  Wherever you have operations, Mercer can provide reliable, up-to-date information on market pay rates and benefits prevalence to ensure that your reward packages remain cost-effective and competitive in the marketplace.

(Platinum Sponsor)

The HBL team of ERISA and employment attorneys represents employers in 39 states, from offices in Atlanta, Philadelphia, and California. HBL handles cases involving executive compensation, fiduciary matters, health care reform, health and welfare benefits, retirement plans, and benefits in mergers and acquisitions. The HBL team has directly avoided or abated nearly $80 million in ERISA fines and penalties for its plan sponsor clients. The team’s focus on mitigating risk and providing added value for every HBL client attracts employers large and small to the Firm’s relationship-driven, mission-focused business model. The belief that strategically designed, legally compliant compensation and benefit plans are the cornerstone of business stability and growth drives the daily operation of HBL.

(Platinum Sponsor)

Culpepper & Associates provide the support and service of a team of compensation specialists. From assisting with job matches to completing survey data submissions to generating compensation reports, their team is committed to serve and help companies with compensation benchmarking.  Culpepper & Associates provide powerful and easy-to-use online reporting tools for viewing and analyzing compensation data – and an unlimited number of customizable compensation reports at no extra fee.

(Platinum Sponsor)

Buck is an integrated HR and benefits consulting, technology, and administration services firm. At Buck, we’re working to redefine the social contract, or two-way relationship, between you and your employees, to not only accommodate shifting expectations, but to stay ahead of them. With changing dynamics in healthcare, retirement, and talent, we partner with forward-thinking organizations to re-envision the role of the employer and re-design how employees work and live. With an eye towards the future, we’re introducing new technology-enabled administrative solutions that make delivering on your commitments to your employees seamless and more measurable.

(Gold Sponsor)

Salary.com® is the leading provider of compensation market data, software, and analytics, bringing more of the trusted data and intuitive software organizations need to get pay right. The industry’s fastest-growing compensation management company, Salary.com serves over 30,000 survey participant organizations, over 8,000 business-to-business software subscribers, and over 45 million employees globally. HR professionals rely on Salary.com’s 360° view of their compensation practices so they can efficiently and accurately achieve internal pay equity and adapt to market changes. Salary.com’s state-of-the-art CompAnalyst® accelerates compensation workflows, delivers real-time data, and powers accurate, equitable, and competitive compensation through one intuitive platform. For more information, please visit www.salary.com.

Diane - Career Spa

(Partner Sponsor)

Career Spa, LLC, is a full service talent development firm specializing in career transition services. Our services help our clients by providing exiting employees with the support and information they need to be successful in their next role and rejuvenate their career. We provide the most effective, affordable, and up-to-date career transition services on the market today.